Non-Resident Application Policy and Procedure

Agrologists Manitoba may perform an initial academic assessment for a non-resident applicant and then hold the application in abeyance until the applicant is physically in Canada and can fulfill remaining registration requirements. By offering this service Agrologist Manitoba is acting in the best interest of non-resident applicants who have a limited time to complete remaining requirements once they are granted Agrologist-in-Training status.

The Manitoba Fairness Commissioner indicated that it is to the benefit of Manitoba for regulators who must limit their assessments of overseas applicants to prioritize assessments of:

  • Applicants who have been nominated through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program;
  • Applicants who have been issued an immigration visa (they have up to a year to come to Canada); and,
  • Applicants who have been given a letter of interest from a Manitoba employer.

Agrologists Manitoba will prioritize non-resident applicants on the above basis.

Non-resident applicants:

  • are those who apply for registration and are not living in Canada.
  • may complete an application for registration while living outside Canada.
  • must create an online application and submit all required documents.

Agrologists Manitoba will:

  • Assess your academic credentials as compared to the entry to practice education standard.
  • Request additional information from you if we do not have enough information to make a decision.
  • Inform you by letter about the academic credentials assessment results as follows: a) if your academic credentials meet the entry to practice standard, your application will be held pending your arrival in Canada/Manitoba; b) if your academic credentials do not meet the entry to practice standard, your application file will be closed.