Non-Resident Application

Policy and Procedure

Non-resident applicants are those who apply for registration and are not living in Canada.

Agrologists Manitoba may perform an initial academic assessment for non-resident applicants and then hold the application until they arrive in Manitoba and can fulfill remaining registration requirements.

This service is aimed at streamlining the application process. It offers non-resident applicants the opportunity to gather and submit academic credentials for World Education Services Course-by-Course assessment prior to arrival in Manitoba.

Non-Resident Application Process

1. Applicant: Submit Complete Application

  • Submit online application (including application fee – $125)
  • Initiate World Education Services Course-by-Course Assessment (indicate Agrologists Manitoba as 3rd party recipient)
  • Email: if one of the immigration conditions listed below applies

2. Agrologists Manitoba: Assess Academic Credentials Compared to the Education Standard

3. Agrologists Manitoba: Inform applicant by email if their academic credentials

a) Meet the education standard [application will be held pending arrival in Manitoba]

*Upon arrival in Manitoba, applicant will be placed in Competency Development Program*

b) Do not meet the education standard [application file will be closed]

According to the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner, regulators who must limit their assessments of non-resident applicants should prioritize assessments of:

  • Applicants who have been accepted by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program;
  • Applicants who have been issued Canadian immigration visa; and,
  • Applicants who have been given a letter of interest from a Manitoba employer.

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