Transfer and Multi-Province Registration

Agrologists Manitoba adheres to mobility obligations in two domestic trade agreements: the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA). These agreements ensure full mobility for full status, registered agrologists in another Canadian province to have their qualifications recognized by Agrologists Manitoba without undertaking significant additional requirements, such as education, training, or examination.  


The transfer of license from one province to another.

Transfer In: Transfer of license FROM another province TO Manitoba
Transfer Out: Transfer of license FROM Manitoba TO another province

  • Transfer In Fee: $75
  • Annual Permit Fee
    • Annual permit fee paid in originating province = No annual permit fee submitted to Agrologists Manitoba until the next annual renewal
    • Annual permit fee not paid in originating province = Submit annual permit fee
  • Transfer Out Fee: Agrologists Manitoba does not require a fee to transfer-out. Receiving province may require a fee to transfer-in.


Holding a license to practice agrology in two or more provinces.

  • Annual Permit Fee [Pro-rated]
    • Annual Permit Fees are due in each of the provinces an agrology professional is licensed


Applicable for both Transfer-In and Multi-Province Registration

  • 1. Request originating provincial institute to send File Information by email to
    File Information includes:
    • registration profile (indicates date(s) of registration with originating institute)
    • copy of transcript(s) *transcript will not be re-assessed, it may be used to identify practice area*
    • record of good standing
    • professional development report
  • 2. Create an online profile account with Agrologists Manitoba
    • Complete bio/self-disclosure form/education and employment fields
      **Do not submit application fee, original transcripts, job description as noted for ‘New Applicants’**
  • 3. Review practice and fee information – upon receipt of approval email from Agrologists Manitoba
  • 4. Submit permit/transfer fee (*see fee information above)
    • can be paid online (invoice sent separately)

Labour Mobility Provisions apply to full-status agrology professionals [P.Ag. and Tech.Ag.]

Professional Agrologists: entitled to labour mobility in all Canadian provinces

Technical Agrologists: entitled to labour mobility in Canadian provinces with confirmed Technical Agrologist registration category [currently: Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan]

Agrologist-In-Training [Provisional Licensure]: labour mobility entitlements do not apply until registrant is fully licensed as a Professional Agrologist or Technical Agrologist