Continuing Competency

Continuing Competency (Continuing Professional Development) consists of educational courses, webinars, seminars and other learning opportunities that contribute to a practitioners overall competence within their area of practice.

Examples of effort toward remaining competent in your practice area should be recorded on your online profile [Dashboard] by clicking “Add Professional Development” and including:

  • date
  • title (name of event/course or subject matter)
  • number of hours attributable to each effort incidence

Registrants are asked to self-identify areas where learning is required

No credits are assigned by Agrologists Manitoba.

Full-Status Agrology Professionals [P.Ag./Tech.Ag.]

The current requirement is to record examples of effort towards remaining competent, there is not a specific time/hours/credit requirement. Agrologists who document their effort toward remaining competent will continue to meet the spirit and intention of Agrologist Manitoba’s policy regarding effort toward continuing competence.


40 hours of Continuing Competence must be completed and recorded online to fulfill this Agrologist-In-Training Requirement.

AIT’s have a maximum of 2 years to complete all AIT requirements for full-status licensure.

Important Notes


  • Learning sessions/Speakers during conferences or events
  • Podcasts
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Internal learning opportunities hosted by your company
  • Soft-skill learning opportunities (ToastMasters)


  • Networking time
  • Staff meetings



The Prairie CCA Program also requires those with a CCA designation to complete Continuing Competence (called CEUs). These online systems are not linked.