Discontinue Registration

Those who are no longer *practicing agrology can Discontinue their Registration

*Practicing Agrology: includes every act with or without reward, which has as its objective the experimentation with or the giving of advice with respect to the principles, laws or practices relating to the production, improvement, use, processing or marketing of agricultural products, crops or livestock.

– The Agrologists Act

If you are unsure if you are practicing agrology, please send a job description to registration@agrologistsmanitoba.ca.

Discontinue Registration – not practicing agrology (changed position/company)

  1. Download the Declaration of Non-Practice
  2. Fill out and sign page 4 (provide detailed reason for ‘change in registration’)
  3. Send to registration@agrologistsmanitoba.ca

Inactive Registration – temporarily not practicing agrology (parental/school/medical leave)

Email registration@agrologistsmanitoba.ca with details regarding your temporary leave.


Retirement is in effect:

  1. Download the Declaration of Non-Practice
  2. Fill out and sign page 4
  3. Send to registration@agrologistsmanitoba.ca

You will be removed from the online register and entitled to use the designation P.Ag.(Ret) or Tech.Ag.(Ret).

Plan to retire in the coming year:

You are only eligible to discontinue your registration once you are no longer *practicing agrology (above).

  1. Not practicing agrology and wish to Discontinue, follow steps 1-3.
  2. Practicing agrology, please complete steps 1-3 once your retirement is in effect.

Retired from your full time role, but continuing in a part-time role:

The Agrologists Act specifies that “…every act” requires a registered agrologist, therefore even part-time agrology practice requires registration as an agrology professional.