FAQ – Internationally Educated Applicants

  1. My immigration office assessed my education. Does this mean that I am registered to practise Agrology in Manitoba?
    No. You MUST complete the registration process outlined on this website. Your immigration office assessed your education to determine if it is likely that you can find work in Canada. However, only Agrologists Manitoba has the authority to register you to practise Agrology in Manitoba.
  2. Can I apply for registration from my home country?
    Yes, you can start the application process from your home country. However, some requirements must be completed after you arrive in Manitoba. You must physically be in Canada and in Manitoba to complete specific Agrologist-in-Training requirements and you must be legally entitled to work in Canada in order to obtain your Canadian work experience requirement.
  3. How can I accelerate the registration process from my home country?
    Gather your required documents. Complete a World Education Services (WES) Canada credential evaluation from your home country as soon as possible.
  4. As a non-resident applicant, what happens after I submit the initial requirements, will my academic credentials be assessed?
    Yes, as a non-resident applicant, your submitted documents will be assessed and you will be informed about the results of the academic credential assessment.
  5. Can I work as an Agrologist if I am registered as an Agrologist-in-Training (AIT)?
    Yes, but you may practise only within your area of competency. You must use Agrologist-in-Training in full in all forms of communication. You may not use AIT or any other short form or variation. You must be registered as a P.Ag. or Tech.Ag. to use the professional designation.
  6. Once I am registered as a P.Ag or Tech.Ag., are there any additional requirements?
    Yes. You require continuing professional development to remain a registered Agrologist. This means that you must improve your skills and knowledge as an Agrologist throughout your career to maintain a high standard of professional competency in your area of practice. You will be informed of the annual continuing professional development opportunities. The requirements are based on your employer’s needs as well as your own career path, and may involve activities such as attending courses, workshops and seminars.
  7. Are there any additional costs once I am registered as a P.Ag. or Tech.Ag.?
    Yes. You must pay a registration fee every year. The fee is $375 (2019). Agrologists Manitoba will invoice you for this fee. You may also incur costs related to your continuing professional development.
  8. What if I have completed an education assessment from another agency other than WES?
    You MUST have written approval from Agrologists Manitoba to use an equivalent to WES. If you have already applied for or have acquired a course-by-course credential evaluation from another education and evaluation service such as International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) or International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS), email registration@agrologistsmanitoba.ca.
  9. Can I request access to my application records including review process and decision?
    At any point during the application process, you may request about a status update of your application; you may also request access to policies and processes of the Institute. Please request it in writing by email registration@agrologistsmanitoba.ca or fax 1.888.315.6661 or by mail to 201-38 Dafoe Road, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2.

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