Labour Mobility/Inter-provincial Transfer

Labour Mobility & Inter-provincial Transfers for Professional Agrologists

The Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) reaffirms the labour mobility provisions and obligations that were established under the 1995 Agreement on Internal Trade.

Labour Mobility provisions of the CFTA apply to many self-regulated occupations in Canada including Agrologists. Chapter 7 of the Agreement states that certified workers have to be recognized as qualified to work by a regulatory body in another province or territory which regulates that occupation, without having to go through significant additional training, work experience, examination or assessment, unless an exception has been posted.

  • Mobility serves the needs of the public by:
    • Assisting employers with barrier-free allocation of Professional Agrologist resources.
    • Allowing Professional Agrologists to expand or move their practice with little additional paperwork.
    • Ensuring that customers and clients have easy access to qualified Professional Agrologists

All agrology regulators in Canada are subject to mobility provisions and entitlements.

  • To qualify for mobility, Agrologists must:
    • Be a current registrant in good standing with a provincial regulator.
    • Hold the professional designation of Professional Agrologist and post-nominal title of agronome (Quebec) or P.Ag. in all other provinces.

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Transferring to Another Province

Agrology professionals may either be wanting to practice in another province at the same time as they are practicing in their current jurisdiction, or, transferring their registration and practice permit to another province.

More information about the transfer process is available at

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