Nomination and Election

Nomination and Election Process—Positions Available (Three-Year Term)

Agrologists Manitoba direction and policies are set and managed by a 15-member Provincial Council. The Council is composed of 12-elected and 3-appointed members. Three seats in the Elected Category will be vacant as of the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Council’s Governance Committee looks after the nomination and election process.

Nominate an Eligible Member

You can contribute to the composition of Council by nominating a member or contacting the Governance Committee to suggest a nominee. If you are interested in Council yourself and think it is time for you to participate in this way and want more information you can contact either of the individuals mentioned below or any member of the Provincial Council.

  1. Complete the Nomination Form and send to Dr. Karin Wittenberg, P.Ag., Governance Committee Lead ( or Jim Weir, Executive Director (
  2. Nominations close March 1st, 2019, 45 days prior to the spring AGM.


Agrologists Manitoba is a self-governing professional body that has a duty to act in the public interest. The objective of Agrologists Manitoba is to protect and serve the public in all matters relating to the practice of Agrology in Manitoba. Therefore, all nominated individuals shall be:

  • Members in good standing;
  • Willing to govern the organization according to the governance system in place, not manage it;
  • Have a strong belief in the Agrology Profession;
  • Have an ability to see the big picture; and
  • Have an interest in furthering the underlying values and objectives of Agrologists Manitoba.
Election Process (Elected Positions)
  1. Any Eligible Voting Member whose nomination for Council is signed by at least five practicing members and attaches the signed consent of the nominee is eligible to be elected as a member of Council.
  2. All nominations with supporting signatures and consent must be received by the Executive Director/Registrar by March 1st, 2019, 45 days prior to the AGM (Wednesday, April 16, 2018).
  3. Forty-five days prior to the AGM, the Council shall provide to the Registrar in accordance with policy, a list of suitably vetted nominees for each available position.
  4. Along with notice of the AGM, the Executive Director/Registrar shall provide a list of all approved nominees to each Eligible Voting Member of Agrologists Manitoba. The Registrar shall also provide voting instructions and any requested supporting information submitted by nominees.
  5. Ballots will be provided with notice of the AGM.
Council Committees

There are several Committees of Council. Some are mandated by legislation and others are included in the governance structure to assist Council in its work. Do you have an interest and skill set that would lend itself well to one of Agrologists Manitoba’s committees? Read full description of the mandate of the Council Committees.  Please take a moment to review the organizational and committee structure and if you have potential interest in one or more of the Council committees contact Jim Weir.