Manager, Seed Production and Logistics

FP Genetics


 The Manager, Seed Production and Logistics will be responsible for all aspects of the seed production, processing and distribution of seed products for the organization.

  1. Hybrid Fall Rye (HFR) – The Manager will be responsible for all aspects of hybrid rye including parental seed management and ordering, seed production, seed cleaning and processing and ultimately shipping of product to retail customers across Canada. Because HFR is a fall seeded crop, time lines are very tight so integration of all these processes will be a key success factor for this position.
  2. In addition, the Manager will be responsible for accessing Breeder seed from breeding institutions and then the distribution and management of all high pedigree seed to shareholders for multiplication to ready new varieties for commercial sales. This position will be responsible for all aspects of the seed supply chain and will work closely with the sales group and our 160+ shareholders on a regular basis to ensure good processes are implemented and followed.
  3. This position will also be responsible for Quality Assurance Programs for all seed types and to ensure product quality standards are adhered to at all time.
  4. Responsible for managing and updating on-line database systems that track our product stewardship and IP programs (currently this is only for HFR and Midge Tolerant Wheats). Work with sales and marketing personnel and shareholders to ensure accuracy of the databases.


Reporting to the Director, Finance and Administration the Manager, Seed Production and Logistics, primary responsibilities include:

  1. Lead all seed production processes for HFR including working with HyTech who currently manage seed production of our HFR. This includes ensuring strict adherence to seed regulations and quality assurance processes that lead to the production of high grade HFR seed.
  2. Provide production information and best practices to seed growers and commercial farmers especially on HFR. Act as crop champion for HFR becoming the product expert on agronomy etc.
  3. Develop and be responsible for the production of all higher pedigreed seed for all products and work with sales group to ensure adequate production of Certified seed by our shareholders/contract growers. Requires proper tracking of seed production and inventory management
  4. Work with potential partners in hybrid wheat to create seed production models that can be deployed by FP Genetics to assist in seed production, distribution and/or. sales of these hybrids.
  5. Responsible for development/purchase of effective computer programs to manage the entire seed production through to sales of the company’s products. Work closely with sales and finance team members to develop integrated systems that will bring efficiency to all procedures and processes.


Degree in Agriculture from an accredited university and ability to become registered in the Agrologists Institute or already have PAg status.

  1. At least 5 years of experience in the seed industry. Direct experience in seed production and processing would be a definite asset.
  2. High level of familiarity with computers and expertise in developing and using complex excel/office 365 software.
  3. Strong analytical, strategic thinking and presentation skills.
  4. Experience in negotiation with preference for experience in negotiating contracts with various seed industry players from breeding organizations as well as experience in seed logistics.
  5. Demonstrated ability to assume role and responsibility of the entire seed production process.
  6. Knowledge of the pedigreed seed production system and of seed certification is an asset for this position.
  7. Experience in creating and leading teams to achieve desired outcomes.
  8. Valid class 5 driver’s license.
  9. Ability to travel 25-30% of time.
  10. Preferred to operate out of Regina office but may be remote in Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan.

Please submit resume by February 4, 2019 to

Posted: January 22, 2019