Internationally Educated Agrologists

Practicing Agrology

Agrology is a regulated profession in Canada. Each province and territory has its own regulator and registration requirements.

To practice agrology* in Manitoba, you must be registered with Agrologists Manitoba.

*Practicing Agrology: includes every act with or without reward, which has as its objective the experimentation with or the giving of advice with respect to the principles, laws or practices relating to the production, improvement, use, processing or marketing of agricultural products, crops or livestock. 

-The Agrologists Act

Only those who are practicing according to the definition above have a requirement to become registered.

Immigration vs Registration

Immigration and registration are two separate things. Agrologists Manitoba cannot help you immigrate to Canada and your immigration office cannot help you become registered as an Agrologist in Manitoba. You do NOT require a letter from Agrologists Manitoba in order to immigrate to Canada.

Your immigration office will assess your Agrology education and experience, and may select you to immigrate to Canada if it is confident you can find work and contribute to the economy. But your immigration office cannot guarantee that Agrologists Manitoba will register you to work as an Agrologist in Manitoba.

Non-Resident Application

You may initiate an application while not residing in Canada.


  • Online Application (including $125 application fee and self-disclosure)
  • WES Course-by-course (indicate Agrologists Manitoba as recipient)

Your academic credentials will be assessed and that you will be informed about the results of the academic credential assessment. Read policy and procedure.


Before you spend time and money on the registration process, contact your immigration office to ensure that you meet the immigration requirements:

Competency Development

To ensure safe, competent practice of agrology, applicants that:

  • – meet the education standard, and;
  • – do not have Canadian agrology-related experience

Will be directed to participate in the Competency Development Program.

Financial Assistance

Manitoba Careers for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP) Program: supports internationally educated professionals towards their goal of working in their professional field in Manitoba, which includes Agrologists. It provides non-repayable financial assistance to help IEPs with assessment and training costs while pursuing registration.

To be eligible, individuals must have started the registration process with Agrologists Manitoba, and be motivated and able to complete the process.

Recognition Counts Program: supports skilled immigrants wishing to work in their field of expertise or an alternative career in Manitoba. The program offers financial counselling, and the opportunity to apply for a loan (up to $30,000) with Assiniboine Credit Union to help with the cost of having qualifications recognized in Manitoba and obtaining related employment.

English Language

There are no formal English language requirements for registration as an Agrologist. However, most employers will require you to have a relatively advanced level of communication skills in the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Therefore, you should be able to:

  • Participate in meetings and discussions of a complex nature
  • Express your ideas in speaking and writing
  • Read and comprehend technical documents
  • Write reports and complete documents

Free Test for Immigrants and Other Resources.


Agrologists Manitoba’s registration decision is based on information available from your initial application. If you wish to appeal the decision, or if you believe Agrologists Manitoba has misinterpreted your qualifications, please submit the following in writing:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • The decision
  • The date of the decision letter
  • A statement indicating that you wish to appeal the decision
  • New information or additional clarification to demonstrate that you meet the requirements for registration with Agrologists Manitoba

Send the information to:
Manitoba Institute of Agrologists
201-38 Dafoe Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2

Agrologists Manitoba will reconsider the decision if you submit new information or additional clarification, and this may result in a different decision. Agrologists Manitoba will inform you of the final decision in writing.

If Agrologists Manitoba maintains its original decision, it is your right to seek additional guidance from a lawyer.

Read Frequently Asked Questions.