Provincial Council Profile

Douglas Wilcox, Ph.D., P.Ag.

Doug Wilcox comes to the organization after having worked overseas and in academia for several years followed by nearly thirty years in crop insurance and government program administration.

While he was working towards his degree in Plant Science from the University of Manitoba (UofM), he worked for the plant science department as a summer research assistant working in the horticulture and plant breeding (corn & barley) programs. He then went on to complete a M.Sc. in weed science (1985). This graduate research was completed while he concurrently worked as a UofM/CIDA research technician testing herbicides and agronomic practices in Kenya as well as mentoring fellow Co-op graduate students on site at the National Plant Breeding Station, Njoro. He also worked for a season as a field research associate for Manitoba Sugar testing agronomic, fertilizer and pesticide impact on sugar beets.

After his M.Sc. he worked as a teaching assistant and for two years as a research associate conducting growth cabinet studies into the influence of environmental factors on the performance of foliar herbicides. He then was awarded a three-year Canadian Wheat Board Fellowship in 1987 to complete a Ph.D. to investigate and model quackgrass competition in wheat at the UofM and the University of British Columbia.

In 1990 he became the senior research agronomist at Manitoba Crop Insurance Corporation (now known as Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC)) responsible for crop insurance program development, agronomy related research and extension activities. In 1996 and 1997, he served as the acting director of the research division before returning to other managerial roles. He is currently the Manager of Product Knowledge and Support and is recognized for his creative and innovative approaches to program design and support. Doug takes his role as public servant seriously and continuously strives to make meaningful changes to improve outcomes for citizens.

In his 29 years working for the crown corporation currently known as MASC, Doug has developed strong industry knowledge, a large network of contacts, and experience in a broad range of senior level government and corporate management activities. However, he hasn’t forgotten his academic roots annually drafting original articles for Yield Manitoba, occasionally guest lecturing at colleges and universities, making presentations at conferences and even designing and teaching an introductory course in crop adjusting in the Ukraine. Doug has a Ph.D. in weed science from UofM (1995) and lives on an acreage south of Portage La Prairie.

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