Permit Renewal

2022 Annual Registration and Practice Permit Renewal

Renewal Period: December 01, 2021 to January 31, 2022.

New! Continuing Competence Declaration Requirement

Effort toward remaining competent in your area of practice is a reasonable expectation that is reflected in the bylaws. Clicking the declaration [box] on the payment page of your online account profile confirms you are making that effort. The declaration is part of the registration and practice permit renewal process.


A PDF invoice will be sent by

Check your spam folder and contact the office immediately if you do not receive an invoice by email. This will help ensure you do not incur a late fee.

Payment Options

Online payment preferred. Online payments are secure, trackable, easier to process, and cost less to administer–especially considering Covid related disruptions.

Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD). To pay with a credit card, log-in to your online profile at using your username and password.

Cheque. Pay by cheque payable to Manitoba Institute of Agrologists. If someone else is paying on your behalf, please include your last name and registration number on the cheque.

Telpay or Credit Union. Indicate your registration number and name to the payment. This is the only way we have of associating the payment to you.


  • Online payments generate an automated official email receipt.
  • Payment by cheque, telpay, or credit union—accountant will email receipts in two-three weeks’ time and after cheques have cleared.

3rd Party Payment

Third parties such as your employer can pay on your behalf by credit card or by cheque. Make sure your name and registration number are indicated in the payment for tracking purposes.

Late Fee

A $75 late fee will be added if your annual registration payment is not received by January 31, 2022. Time and money is committed to following up on renewals that are not paid on time and a late fee ensures other registrants do not disproportionally bear the cost of the added time and expense of following up on late payments. The late fee may be reconsidered if a circumstance exists that is beyond your control and made on time payment impossible.

Responsibility for Payment

Whether your annual registration fee is paid directly by you or by the company or organization you work for is between you and the company. Every professional registrant has an obligation to ensure their annual permit fee is paid and received by Agrologists Manitoba before the deadline to avoid penalties.

No Longer Practicing Agrology in Manitoba

If you are no longer practicing agrology in Manitoba, email and provide the details. We will send you a “Declaration of Non-Practice” that we will ask you to sign and return to ensure you are removed from the public registry “in good standing”.

Registration Requirement

Agrologists Manitoba will work with you or you and your employer to make sure the right decision is made. Our job is to know if registration is required. If it is, we will make sure you know why; if registration is not required, we will confirm that to you. Remember, registration is based on whether a person is practicing agrology, not whether an employer is paying your fees. Contact our office to discuss.

Registration Lapse/Reinstatement

If you are practicing Agrology (see The Agrologists Act) or wish to use the professional designation you must remain registered, otherwise you are carrying on unauthorized practice.

If you are not practicing Agrology and do not plan to practice in 2022, you may Discontinue Registration and be removed from the public registry.

Should you return to the practice of agrology or wish to become registered, you must complete an application for reinstatement.

Payment Security

The financial data transmitted through the payment site is encrypted through an SSL certification process that keeps your credit card and payment information secure. The Agrologists Manitoba office does not directly handle or store credit card information and will not take your credit card payment over the phone.

What are the fees for?

Agrology is a regulated profession in Manitoba and all other Canadian provinces. Agrologists Manitoba is the organization delegated through the legislation to regulate the Agrology profession in Manitoba. Professional “self-regulation” is the alternative to direct regulation by government.

Registration and practice permit fees are paid to Agrologists Manitoba to support meeting requirements of The Agrologists Act.

Tax Deductible Fees

The Canada Revenue Agency recognizes professional membership dues required to keep a professional status recognized by law that were paid by you or for you as tax deductible if related to the work you do (for complete details consult the Canada Revenue Agency website: