Nomination and Election of Members to Provincial Council

In accordance with the bylaws, members were notified concerning vacancies on the Council, and the nomination and election process. In addition, and consistent with Council policy, the Governance Committee of Council had oversight of the process including communicating with several members regarding interest in becoming nominated for election. Those members were provided with information concerning the responsibilities of Council members, specific Council policies and time commitments.

As at the close of nominations, Friday, February 21, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. the following individuals accepted nomination for election for a three-year term to fill three vacancies on the Provincial Council:

  1. Jennifer Melnychenko, P.Ag.
  2. LeeAnn Peters, P.Ag.
  3. Paul Westdal, P.Ag.

The Governance Committee and Provincial Council wish to thank all those who considered but who were unable to accept nomination this year. It was gratifying that the pool of potential nominees and those contacted was large this year.

In accordance with the bylaws, an election is required at the AGM to formalize and complete the process.


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