Agrology Profession in Canada

Agrology is the application of sciences to agriculture and related resources such as land and water.

By understanding and harnessing the power of photosynthesis to produce food and other products from agriculture, life sustaining activities can be organized and systematized to respond to basic needs. Those who provide advisory services that support agriculture are organized in Canada within the self- regulatory professional model and under the term Agrology.

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The terms “agrology” and “agrologist” are largely unique to Canada. These terms help society define a wide range of activities ranging from teaching and research to consulting and advisory services.

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Agrologists are professionals who have studied the sciences and provide decision makers with advice to help feed the world, boost the economy, and protect the environment. Agrologists work in areas that span the continuum of food production to contaminated site remediation. Similar to other professions, there are generalists and specialists underpinning the agrology profession.

Most involved in production agriculture are served either directly or indirectly by professional Agrologists. The advice and decisions of Agrologists may often have far-reaching consequences well beyond the individual client or customer. This is similar to some other professions such as law or engineering. Often it is not until we need specific products or services from these professionals that we have direct contact.