The Agrologists Act

“The Agrologist Act” is a statute of the Province of Manitoba. It gives the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists the authority to regulate the profession. “The Act” defines the practice of agrology and the activities that are within the scope of the profession. “The Act” makes it compulsory for anyone practicing agrology in Manitoba to be a member of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists.

“The Agrologist Act” defines an Agrologist as a person who is qualified to teach or practice the science or art of agrology.

According to “The Act”, practicing Agrology includes every act, with or without reward, which has as its objective the experimentation with or the giving of advice with respect to the principles, laws or practices relating to the production, improvement, use, processing or marketing of agricultural products, crops or livestock.

“The Act” also defines who is not considered to be practicing Agrology within the context of the legislation:

  • farmers unless they hold themselves out to be an Agrologist;
  • undergraduate students working under the direct supervision of an Agrologist and not taking responsibility for their work other than to their immediate supervisor;
  • anyone registered and holding professional status in another profession recognized by statute in the Province of Manitoba provided they do not hold themselves out to be an Agrologist;
  • anyone practicing their profession as a chemist, forester, land appraiser, land surveyor or a person servicing or repairing farm machinery, provided they do not hold themselves out to be an Agrologist; and
  • anyone who gives advice relating to the quality or use of the article or product that they offer for sale, if such advice is given under the authority or supervision of a member.

Read the Agrologist Act from the Manitoba LawsAlso available in (PDF) Agrologist Act and the Bylaws, Revised November 10, 2020 of the Institute.