Unauthorized Practice

“The Agrologists Act” and other Provincial Laws exist to protect the public interest against individuals who are providing advice that only a qualified registered Agrologist is allowed to provide (Section 15, “The Agrologists Act”).  The Institute will take appropriate action to protect the public when these laws are broken. Read information about who should be registered.

What is Unauthorized Practice?

Practicing agrology in Manitoba without being registered is known as Unauthorized Practice. Agrologists Manitoba and other Provincial Institutes are working on better education and monitoring activities as the scope of agrology practice and agricultural products and services has changed over time.

There are some circumstances where an exemption from registration may be possible under “The Agrologists Act”. Only the Institute may grant an exemption. However, “The Act” makes it very clear that “a person who is not a member in good standing of the institute shall not practise agrology”.

What if I believe someone is practising Agrology without being a registered member?

If you believe that someone who is representing him or herself as an Agrologist and is not registered, or is not qualified to practise agrology, you may use the Complaints Form, or call 204.275.3721 or email admin@agrologistsmanitoba.ca.

Will my information be confidential?

The information you provide about potential unauthorized practice, including your identity will be confidential unless required by law.

What will the Institute do with the information provided?

The Institute will review the information you provide including documents or correspondence, if required, contact the individual, and anyone else as necessary to determine the facts. The Institute may request a reply within a set time. The objective of further action will be to determine if concerns regarding compliance with “The Agrologists Act” have been addressed.